Cleopatra's Secrets - Game Review & Free Play Mode

The pharaohs of Egypt disappeared after the great rule of the last queen known as Cleopatra. The Romans ruled over Egypt after her death. Cleopatra is one of the most popular figures known to the world and mostly by the west. She has been highlighted in books as well as movies.

SkillonNet developed the Cleopatra’s Secrets slots which is a joy to play and based on old Egyptian culture.

Overall picture

There are 3 rows in the game which are filled with Egyptian symbols. Other than that the wonderful slot machine game of Cleopatra’s Secrets has pay lines which are 20 in total and the game also has 5 reels that spin.

The game has none other than the free spins feature and bonus rounds as well.10 cents could be staked on each pay line and the maximum a gamer can stake is 1 euro.

Cleopatra bonus

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The Cyphers

The images present on the reel of the slot game are the Egyptian God Isis symbol, the Egyptian God Osiris symbol plus more God symbols as well.

There are also the symbols of Egyptian artefacts such as the symbol of the Eye of Horus and many more artefact symbols. There is also the feature of the winning symbols as well.

The Sphinx Symbol image on the reels represents the Wild in the Cleopatra’s Secrets slot machine game and the wild in the game is the replacement for any other symbol in the game. Coming to the really exciting feature that is the scatter well that is represented by the vibrant coloured bird in the game. If a gamer is able to land two scatters he gets the reward of free spins.

The Bonus Round

The very exciting Bonus Symbol is represented by the Egyptian Pyramid. The bonus round has levels which are two in total.

There are upside down symbols in the round where a gamer has to pick 1 sphinx at each round. If the symbol you choose happens to have a treasure chest a gamer gets to advance to the other round.

You can play this slot game on Slots Magic for free. The Cleopatra’s Secrets slot machine game is really simple to play with and the graphics are refreshing plus contemporary as well.

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