Why people love Cleopatra slots?

The Cleopatra slot series are a huge success and people love playing them due to the fact that these series are different and more intriguing than the rest of the slot games. The animations and visuals of all the Cleopatra series are terrific because they are quality controlled by Wagerworks developers.

The Cleopatra slots are vibrant and lively.

Fan following

The Cleopatra series have a humongous fan following that no other slot game can compete with. These Cleopatra slots are excellently made by Wagerworks.

The slot games are refined and the player gets to have an adventure of a life time just by sitting in the comforts of his home.

The Queen Cleo in the slot series is a site to see with her gold ornaments which makes the player spellbound while playing these excellent games. All of the Cleopatra slots are really simple to play with and a slot gamer gets a fun packed ride full of magical adventure. In the online gambling world the Cleopatra series are on the top of the list.

Where to play?

Some of these Cleopatra free slots are available in free play mode here, however for a larger selection we do recommend you to visit Free Slots UK community which is a website where a player can go on and play these games for free.

Cleopatra bonus

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These online gambling sites have revolutionised and a gamer can also play them on Cleopatra slot for IPhones and Cleopatra slots for Android as well. The slot games can be downloaded on the iPhone in the iPhone application store very easily.


The Cleopatra series have magical features. The background music of the games is also magical. Moreover the best feature is when the queen Cleo speaks in her seductive voice.

Through the wild and scatter features, a player can win big. A player does not leave disappointed because there are jackpots, free bonus rounds and the amazing free spins in all the games.


These games have been in the market for many years. IGT still run the games because of its demand. From the IGT to the web and now these games are in our hands on our mobile screens to gamble on.

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